DBA Front Slotted 5000 Series 2 Piece Rotor for 06-13 Chevy Corvette PAIR

DBA-Front-Slotted-5000-Series-2-Piece-Rotor-for-06-13-Chevy-Corvette-PAIR-01-advh DBA Front Slotted 5000 Series 2 Piece Rotor for 06-13 Chevy Corvette PAIR

DBA Front Slotted 5000 Series 2 Piece Rotor for 06-13 Chevy Corvette PAIR
CLUBSPEC 5000 Series T3 Slotted Vented 2-Piece Front Brake Rotor (DBA52992BLKS) by DBA®. This is DBA’s most aggressive 2-piece front brake rotor designed with the same slotted pattern of the T3 4000, but in lightweight 2-piece form with a center aluminum hat section. Aluminum centers lower rotational mass to quicken brake response, and outer rotor sections are cured with a patented process that reduces iron-weakening metal stress. Best suited for higher horsepower cars at the fastest level of street driving, track use, and drifting. Rotor edges feature 3 paint marks which change color to reflect different levels of metal temperature, and 144 pillars between rotor faces provide faster cooling and greater strength. Replacement front outer rotor sections are available also. Driving Style: Daily Driver, Hauling & Towing, Performance / Racing. Rotor Design: Rotors Only. Rotor Material: XG150® High Carbon Alloyed Iron. Rotor Hat Finish: Black. Rotor Diameter: 355mm (13.98). Rotor Height: 45.5mm (1.79). Nominal Thickness: 32mm (1.26). Minimum Thickness: 30mm (1.181). Lug Holes Quantity: 5. Bolt Circle: 120.65mm (4.75). Center Hole Diameter: 70.7mm (2.78). 2-piece design features a lightweight aluminum center piece for less rotational mass, quicker braking response, and shorter overall stopping distances. T3 5000 rear rotors are not available – recommended match would be T3 4000 rear 1-piece slotted rotors. 3 paint marks on rotor edges change color visibly to reflect that brake rotors have reached different levels of operating temperatures. Outer rotor sections are crafted from iron with high carbon content which achieves low levels of noise, vibration, and harshness. Outer rotor sections are treated with a patented Thermal Stability Process to reduce metal stress which weakens iron over many heating and cooling cycles. Rotors are designed in the precise size and shape of factory OEM parts for easy bolt-on replacement and proper operation. Protective paint on all non-contact rotor areas provides corrosion resistance. “Kangaroo Paw” design features 144 spaced pillars between inner and outer faces of each rotor that provide faster cooling and greater strength than traditional slotted cooling fins. Lower rotor temperatures greatly reduce rotor warpage and boiling brake fluid which causes pedal fade. 48 curved slots in the rotor surface give aggressive brake pad bite and offer the best management the high heat, dust, water and gasses that build up during racing. Ensure increased pad bite and improved air circulation. Clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction. Create an escape route for debris, dust, and water. Reduce stopping distances in wet weather. Offer much faster heat dissipation. Resistant to warping and fading. Offer great weight savings compared to 1-piece rotors. Floating design provides better contact of rotor blade and pad. T3 5000 series front rotors are DBA’s highest performing 2-piece rotors that deliver light weight, fade-free performance on the racetrack, effective grip during street racing, and progressive brake pedal feel under normal driving conditions. Lightweight aluminum center sections crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum give you the benefit of lower rotational mass – making wheels easier to stop, and giving you the instant snap of brake response that’s proper on a high performance street machine. T3 5000 front rotors are also best suited to high-horsepower passenger cars one might find travelling German autobahns at triple-digit velocities. Each T3 5000 series front rotor features 48 grooved slots on the rotor surface to wipe away and remove any excessive heat, dust, and gasses that build up during extended braking at high speeds. You will also find those performance benefits continue in the rain, and pads will wear more consistently and eliminate “lip” formation along the outside edge of the rotor. If you’re installing T3 5000 rotors with new pads, the rotors will most likely be usable with a second set of pads when the first wear out. Protective paint is applied on all non-contact areas to ensure these rotors continue to look good and resist corrosion during their extended lifespans. For the serious performance driver that’s mindful of avoiding high rotor temperatures that cause brake fluid boiling and pedal fade, DBA equips each T3 5000 rotor with three paint marks that monitor brake rotor temperature and change color as different points are reached. A green line becomes white at 856 degrees Fahrenheit, an orange line changes to yellow at 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit, and a pink line also changes to white when temperatures exceed 1,166 degrees Fahrenheit. While these brake rotors will reach high temperatures eventually after heavy sustained use, they will take longer than others to reach those temperatures. They’ll maintain their cool under most conditions thanks to high-carbon iron construction which resists temperature buildup better initially, and because of vented centers with 144 tear-drop shaped pillars which result in more metal contact and better cooling than traditional fins. Like all high-performance DBA rotors, T3 5000s are cured during production and heat-treated with a patented Thermal Stability Process – reducing metal stress and preventing iron from weakening internally over many heating and cooling cycles. Combined with lower overall operating temperatures, these rotors are much more resistant to the warping and hotspotting which typically shorten both pad and rotor lifespan. Disc Brakes Australia (DBA®) specializes in precision crafted brake rotors with innovative designs and material compounds that resist heat buildup far better than products from competitors – giving you increased stopping power with smooth progressive application, lower noise, vibration, and harshness, and greater resistance to the rotor warpage that shortens usable lifespan of all brake components. DBA offers a variety of slotted rotors with and without cross-drilled holes in traditional 1-piece construction and 2-piece aluminum center construction for reduced mass. Headquartered in Austraila, DBA has United States operations in Detroit, Michigan. Our website is proud to offer the full lineup of DBA rotors at great values. 2302(C) Learn More. Grand Sport / Z06. Grand Sport / Z06 / Z06 Carbon. 427 Limited Edition Z06 / Z06. The item “DBA Front Slotted 5000 Series 2 Piece Rotor for 06-13 Chevy Corvette PAIR” is in sale since Monday, October 8, 2018. 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  • Manufacturer Part Number: 52992BLKS x2
  • Brand: DBA
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front
  • Rotor Style: Slotted

DBA Front Slotted 5000 Series 2 Piece Rotor for 06-13 Chevy Corvette PAIR
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